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Someone knows how to perform the Cronbach's alpha in mathematica?

i'm trying to make statistics in mathematics, with information from a spreadsheet, but it is difficult to make this kind of calculations
POSTED BY: Oscar Rodriguez
2 Replies
Posted 11 years ago
Hi Oscar,

You can copy the formula for Cronbach's alpha in Mathematica almost verbatim from Wikipedia.

It's used for consistency checks in psychometric tests, so we'll use the employee attitude example data set.
data = N@ExampleData[{"Statistics", "EmployeeAttitude"}];
Then we just copy the formula.
k = Length@First@data;
x = Total /@ data;
a = k/(k - 1) (1 - Sum[Variance@data[[All, i]], {i, k}]/Variance@x)
To see how similar the formula is in Mathematica to the form on Wikipedia, we can view the Mathematica version in TraditionalForm.
POSTED BY: Michael Hale

thank you very much :)

POSTED BY: Oscar Rodriguez
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