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Aliasing in Mathematica

Posted 10 years ago
I've been doing some experiemting with Mathematica into making interference patterns. The plotted interference patterns can't be seen all that well. I think the problem may be caused by (correct me if I'm wrong) aliasing. How can I get Mathematica to fix the aliasing to really bring out the patterns. Thank you in advance.
 In[1]:= Sin[
   ArcCos[Sin[\[Theta]] Cos[\[Phi]] Sin[17.20] +
     Cos[\[Theta]] Cos[17.20]]]^2
 Out[1]= 1 - (-0.0786782 Cos[\[Theta]] -
    0.9969 Cos[\[Phi]] Sin[\[Theta]])^2
 In[2]:= Sin[
   ArcCos[-Sin[\[Theta]] Cos[\[Phi]] Sin[17.20] +
    Cos[\[Theta]] Cos[17.20]]]^2

Out[2]= 1 - (-0.0786782 Cos[\[Theta]] +
   0.9969 Cos[\[Phi]] Sin[\[Theta]])^2

In[3]:= -Sin[\[Theta]] Cos[\[Phi]] Sin[17.20] +
Cos[\[Theta]] Cos[17.20]

Out[3]= -0.0786782 Cos[\[Theta]] + 0.9969 Cos[\[Phi]] Sin[\[Theta]]

In[6]:= SphericalPlot3D[
Cos[(1.*10^-6 %1 %2)/%3]^2, {\[Theta], 0, \[Pi]}, {\[Phi], 0,
  2 \[Pi]}, Mesh -> 100, MeshFunctions -> Automatic,
ViewPoint -> Above]
POSTED BY: sean roubion
Posted 10 years ago
Hi Sean,

You can adjust default anti-aliasing for all graphics under Edit->Preferences->Appearance->Graphics.
POSTED BY: Michael Hale
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