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Call Mathematica functions from SageMath?

Posted 21 days ago
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Hi, I apologize if I use a tag that does not match the question (this is my first time using this forum).

I am trying to configure the command line as requested by sagemath. The goal is to be able to use Mathematica code from latex.

I need configure this

enter image description here

Posted 21 days ago

Hi Alejandro,

Those instructions seem out of date, math has been superseded by wolframscript unless you are running a pretty old version of Mathematica.

Open a shell (Terminal or iTerm on MacOS, cmd on Windows) and type math. If you see something like

Wolfram Language 12.3.1 Engine for Mac OS X ARM (64-bit) Copyright 1988-2021 Wolfram Research, Inc.


then it should work.

If you do not see that output, try wolframscript. If that works you will need to create an alias so math is equivalent to wolframscript. How to do that depends on what OS you are running.

Note: I know nothing about SageMath.

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