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We are looking to hire developers worldwide to create internet app

Posted 2 years ago


we are Polish e-learning commercial company "eTrapez". We produce online video math courses, college and high school level, and - I must say - with quite successes here in Poland.

We would like to develop web browser app. The concept is very simple, but has powerfull implication. Our app will be based on Wolfram Cloud technology and using Wolfram API.

We fell quite strong in mathematics, but we lack in IT knowledge. We are looking for developers familiar with Wolram Cloud application and integrations, for long term collaboration from creating MVP to futher development.

If you would like to know us and our idea - please let me know :)

Thanks, Christian

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No, sorry.

Posted 2 years ago

Hello, Is this offer still relevant?

POSTED BY: Matus Plch
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