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Pendulum Waves Animation

Posted 10 years ago
Inpired by this video:

I tried to simulate the cool visual of Pendulum Waves in Wolfram Language.
 pendulum[r_,\[Theta]_,h_]:=With[{d={h,0,0},p={h,-r Sin[\[Theta]],-r Cos[\[Theta]]}},
 Animate[Show[Table[pendulum[r,0.5Sin[ 2\[Pi](r) t],r],{r,0.4,0.8,0.02}],ImageSize-> 300]
Here is the result:

I don't know why, but If I try to simulate using the more realist frequency (1/r), the visual effect is not so nice.
Improvments are always welcome!
POSTED BY: Rodrigo Murta
2 Replies
Rodrigo - great! - very concise - thanks for sharing. Have you seen another version by Stan Wagon and S. M. Blinder? 

Pendulum Waves

POSTED BY: Sam Carrettie
@SamCarrettie No, I didn't!
Tks for sharing. Much better then mine!
POSTED BY: Rodrigo Murta
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