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How can I change an existing example for Retroreflective Sphere for my task

There is an example
I need to change radius of existing circle to 8.5, index of refractionindex to my 1.47 and add one more circle with radius 5.35 and create logic for refraction on this circle with refractionindex 1.76. I plotted circles and found, where I can change refractionindex of outside circle.There is an example
Any advices? Sorry for bad english.
Attaching file.
The code in the demonstrations project is somewhat condensed so that it is shorter. It may not be the best code to start with if you are new to programming with Mathematica. If you are still learning the basics of programming in the Wolfram Language, please see the Mathematica Virtual Book.

The first thing I would do is read the code that is there. Do you have any questions about a specific line of code? If so, please try to isolate the part you have a question about and then let us know.
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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