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Error code with Kernel (Remote Kernel time out)

I am getting this error and have no idea what it is.
SubKernels`RemoteKernels`LaunchRemote::rsh: Command rsh SFDI_triger -n -l jecalderon "math -mathlink -linkmode Connect -linkprotocol TCPIP -linkname 49323@,49324@ -subkernel -noinit >& /dev/null &" may have failed (exit code 1).

SubKernels`Protected`kernelFlush::time: Operation LinkWrite timed out after 15.` seconds.

KernelObject::rdead: "Subkernel connected through \!\(\"remote\"[\"SFDI_triger\"]\) appears dead"
POSTED BY: Jose Calderon
2 Replies
Is rsh secure enough on your machines?  "ssh" is more common now.

Can you log in remotely from one machine to the other (with ssh) and run the Mathematica Kernel that way?
POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
No...I am not sure how this is een done.  I have installed the Putty. But this is a client. I am not sure how to set up server ssh.

I am assuming this is a required or does mathematica has its own ssh server in the installation?
POSTED BY: Jose Calderon
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