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MIST problem

Posted 7 months ago
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How can I eliminate to MIST problem in Mathematica?

3 Replies

MIST problem? What have you tried, if so paste the Mathematica code ?

POSTED BY: Mariusz Iwaniuk

My problem as follows:

Ma2 = FermionSpinSum[Ma1*MaC] // ExpandAll // ReleaseHold;
Ma3 = 1/4 Contract[Ma2] /. ScalarProduct[k, k] :> 0 // ExpandAll


1/4 \[CurlyPhi](pqj,mqj).(1-\[Gamma]^5).(-\[Sigma]^(k\[CurlyEpsilon](k))).(1-\[Gamma]^5).\[CurlyPhi](-pqi,mqi) \[CurlyPhi](-pqi,mqi).(\[Gamma]^5+1).(-\[Sigma]^(k\[CurlyEpsilon]^*(k))).(\[Gamma]^5+1).\[CurlyPhi](pqj,mqj)

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