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3D graphics in Wolfram Cloud (Android)?

Posted 2 years ago

Hello everyone. I'm new to Wolfram Cloud, I'm using it on Android. I'd like to know:

Are there interpolation algorithms?

Does Mathematica support bump maps? (not normal maps, bump maps)

Are skeletal or morph target animations supported? (Morph target are also known as keyframe animations)

Is it there any physics simulation in the 3D Algorithm set?

Can I paint on 3D geometry directly? (Normal/Bump maps and Textures)

Are metaball available? (sometimes called blobs)

Is it there any shaders language? (Like GLSL, HLSL or OSL)

Is it there any equivalent to the Blender's maintain volume constraint? (

Thanks for any help.

POSTED BY: Ivano Arrighetta

Please, can anyone help?

POSTED BY: Ivano Arrighetta
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