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Am I alone in my printer driver issues?

Posted 10 years ago
I'm running SystemModeler on a MacBook Air (OS10.9). I'm USB connected to an HP OfficeJet 7000 Wide Format printer. The page setup within SystemModeler does not allow me to use 11X17 format. It tells me the paper size is not supported, and then SystemModeler seems to default to the A4 size. I've reset the printers and reloaded the drivers but nothing helps. Incidently, wide format printing on this same printer from Mathematica works fine.

Am I doing something wrong?
POSTED BY: Rick McGinley
4 Replies
A person who duplicated the problem here at WRI suggested,

     " A workaround I see is to choose A4 and SystemModeler will rescale to fit the printer."

Let us know if that helps.
POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
I can scale the diagram layer; I cannot scale the paper size beyond A4.
POSTED BY: Rick McGinley
Two quick suggestions:

a) restart the computer. 

b) Check HP's web site for an updated driver.
POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
Did both before I posted...
POSTED BY: Rick McGinley
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