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Would Mathematica still be useful if Python will be used later?

Posted 8 months ago
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Now as a student I have Mathematica license and use it a lot recently. Once I go to work, I can buy a license myself. However, I heard that some companies want to use Python only and some companies even don't allow to install Mathematica anymore. For now I don't have any experience with Python and read that it's totally different with Python. So my question is would learning Mathematica is still helpful if I cannot use it later when I go to work? I understand that I can use it for now but thinking that I would have to throw it completely and learning a completely new programming language makes me feel bad. What if I use Python later in my work, would it be easier to do switch from Mathematica to Python or should I still like a beginner and learn everything from beginning as a Python learner?

EDIT: assume that I work as an engineer (EE) but still still do a lot of calculation like solving equations and ploting graphs.


Any equation solving/manipulation/plotting is much better in Mathematica. Not even close in terms of possibilities. In the end any company looks at cost: so Mathematica might cost 500 dollars, but if it saves you an 4 hours per week then it makes sense to use it. If you can not install it, use the Cloud version, or use the free Wolfram Engine and use jupyter to make a free Mathematica-substitute…

POSTED BY: Sander Huisman
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