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Methods of performing PARAFAC/CANDECOMP analysis in Mathematica

Posted 10 years ago
Hello Community,

I am working with oceans of chromatographic data gathered from HPLC with DAD endpoint detection. I am currently considering performing some PARAFAC/CANDECOMP on the three-dimensional data, and wanted to hear if anyone has any experience/suggestions on how PARAFAC/CANDECOMP can be performed using Mathematica?

I know of some other mathematical softwares that can do the job, but I haven't been able to find any information on that topic in Mathematica. I would prefer using Mathematica, as I have some other scripts working on the data. I have speculated on whether some "r" package could be called from Mathematica, to process the data, but I don't know if this is possible.

So if anyone has some experience they can share and can point me in some direction from which the problem is easiest to tackel, I am all ears. Does not have to be applied on the same data set, as the one I am working with.

Best Regards
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