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Exporting and publishing Mathematica images

Posted 10 years ago
I am using illustrations (mostly 3D plots) made with Mathematica for a book I'm writing using latex. There are two main problems I'm encountering. First, because I need high resolution vector images, I save the illustrations as pdf files. In spite of this, some of them actually look rasterized. Secondly, the file size for each illustration is HUGE: for example, one depicting a Moebius band is over 9 MB.

Any suggestions as to how to increase resolution while keeping the file size reasonable?

Thanks, Gerard
POSTED BY: Gerard Walschap
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Are you exporting a 3D graphic to eps?

A mobius band might very well have many many many polygons in it or very few. So maybe a raster would be actually more faithful to the image in the end than a vector graphic.

When you export something 3D to a vector graphic, it'll export the entire thing into the vector graphic, not just the parts which are visible. So if you have a complicated 3D scene to render, but most of it isn't visible, you will want to cut that part out before exporting the result to a vector graphic. The exporter doesn't "flatten" out your 3D graphic by doing some kind of ray tracing. That probably would introduce too many possible issues.
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
I know that you want a vector format. But if you ever want a raster with the "correct" resolution, take a look at:
POSTED BY: Pedro Fonseca
Posted 10 years ago
Ok, thanks Frank. What about the resolution? I've seen Calculus books that use Mathematica graphics almost every other page, and they look very clear. How do they do this?
POSTED BY: Gerard Walschap
The very large pdf files can be reduced somewhat in size by opening them and resaving them.
POSTED BY: Frank Kampas
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