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Producing a blog directly from Mathematica

Posted 2 years ago

Looking for a way to use Mathematica to publish a blogs with Notebooks/Computational Essays that use the Wolfram Cloud to run interactive computation about the applications of New Kind of Science and the Wolfram Physics Project to clinical medical sciences.

Looking for workflows were posts can be view by professionals that have limited technical background and no access to Mathematica/Wolfram Language.

POSTED BY: Timothy Hartzog
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Posted 2 years ago

Here is a link to a a non-trivial Manipulate on the cloud: Celestial Sphere. Unfortunately its response to interactive controls are both slow and unreliable. But it works fine in Mathematica desktop.

POSTED BY: Hans Milton

Hi Timothy,

Have you considered publishing the notebook on Wolfram Cloud?

Also if your notebook is technical and contains Wolfram Language code, you can create a post on Wolfram Community and embed you notebook in the post. Check the section "Adding Notebook" in the community rules

POSTED BY: Ahmed Elbanna
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