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Binomial Summation

Posted 10 years ago
Wolphram alpha does not recognize the binomial coefficient as a converging series. Test:*C.summation-_*Calculator.dflt-&f2=binomial(5%2Ck)&f=Sum.sumfunction_binomial(5%2Ck)&f3=1&f=Sum.sumlowerlimit%5Cu005f1&f4=infinity&f=Sum.sumupperlimit2%5Cu005finfinity&a=*FVarOpt.1-_**-.***Sum.sumvariable---.*--
POSTED BY: Will Ouren
3 Replies
Posted 10 years ago
that's odd, it works now
POSTED BY: Will Ouren
Will could you please edit your post and just type Wolfram|Alpha queries as text?
POSTED BY: Moderation Team
(1) They all give finite results. That's about as explicitly convergent as it gets.

(2) It's very difficult to understand what you are doing from these URLs. Presumably there was a query on the word "summation" followed by setting some example parameters. It would be more clear to readers if you were to state explicitly what you did (and how the result disagreed with what you expected).
POSTED BY: Daniel Lichtblau
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