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We are seeking Wolfram Student Ambassadors!

Posted 2 years ago

POSTED BY: Zach Shelton
7 Replies

In general, for this program interview process is there a specific deadline for when we hear back post interviews?

POSTED BY: Vedant Tewari

I am a Wolfram Student Ambassador and I have the following opportunities. I got to be a prerelease tester starting in 13.2 and I got a mug for making bug reports and feature requests. I got to preview 13.2 and 13.3.

POSTED BY: Peter Burbery


Thanks for your interest and comments, students from any part of the world are welcome to apply. There are a few students based in Europe, background and current technical knowledge are only factors. Even students with little to no experience in Wolfram Language are welcome if they are motivated to learn.

Zach Shelton

POSTED BY: Zach Shelton
Posted 2 years ago

From UK student allowed? I am in School year 10.

POSTED BY: Vivek Kommi

It depends on the student, the program is open for outstanding HS & College students! While we are focused on US Colleges, outstanding students from HS and outside the US are considered and have been accepted. Feel free to apply!

POSTED BY: Zach Shelton
Posted 1 year ago

And what about students from Europe? Is it worth applying, or are students from the US are in priority?

POSTED BY: victor morgan

For sure. I am a student from Greece. I have gained experience and I have met some very cool guys in the problem. Also, you could have some awesome opportunities. ;)

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