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Possible to evaluate all cells in a notebook from the Home / My Files view?

Posted 2 years ago

I've been building up a rather large specialized library of microtonal tuning functions, and the distribution method is to have users copy and paste files from GitHub into Wolfram Cloud then evaluate all cells, so I'm trying to keep the count of files minimal so it's less work to get started. However, I'm finding that these files are reaching an unwieldy size, where I have to break them down because Wolfram Cloud crashes if I try to paste them in. I had the thought that if I could select multiple files or a directory and evaluate all cells for all of them at once from the Home / My Files view, my problem would be mostly solved (it would also be nice if there was a way to just import files from GitHub, but that's another story). But I don't see any way to do that at this point. Am I missing anything? Thanks in advance for any guidance or advice on how to proceed.

POSTED BY: Douglas Blumeyer
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