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How to do a 3d graph rotation on gpu rather than cpu?

Posted 10 years ago
Hello everyone.

I have encountered a little problem. I have a file with 300000 point to plot in Mathematica. There is a function ListPointPlot3D to do this. I used it to create a graph, but when I use the mouse to rotate the gragh it rotates so slowly. The window's task manager shows that the rotation is done by one kernel of my cpu. I know that modern engineering programs are capable of doing the rotation on gpu rather than cpu. It is much faster. For example, in LabView I managed to plot the same data on a 3d graph and it rotated fast on my computer's gpu. But I couldn't find a way to do the same thing in Mathematica.

Is it possible to do the rotation on gpu in mathematica? How?

My system specs: Intel i7 2700k, 16 GB Ram, GeForce 470 GTX;  Nvidia Cuda and OpenCL are installed and Mathematica is aware of it.

Any help would be apreciated. These data is an interferogram that should be plotted and then processed by some upcoming model.
To use the GPU from Mathematica for this, you would have to figure out the rotation matrix and
perform the rotation on each point.

I suspect what you hope for is the Mathematica front end sending the plot and the rotation
information to the GPU, which somehow knows what to do.  Mathematica does not have
that level of GPU integration.
POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
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