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Can I use a GenBank file (GenBank (.gb, .gbk) for generating a 3D model?

Posted 10 years ago
Hello all the Wolfram Comunnity,

I am working right now in an art installation. I would like to know if I can and how, use Mathematica, or any other Wolfram invention, to have a GenBank file (GenBank (.gb, .gbk): as an input and have as an output a 3D model, which doesn't have to be a 3D respresentation of a DNA strand or its resulting protein. Can be  3D model beyond those granted forms.

Any ideas? tips? or tutorial suggested?

Many thanks.


PS. And I doens't have to be only GenBank file neither, it could be a FASTA or any other extension used in Molecular Biology,
Yes, you can import that file format into Mathematica, do some calculations and build a 3D model out of it. Mathematica/The Wolfram Language is a full programming language. As long as you know how to program with it and can concretely state what you want the program to do, you can do this.

This really depends on what kind of 3D object you want to create from the data. Are you familiar yet with creating 3D graphics in Mathematica?
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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