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how to make Frequency Distribution table

Posted 10 years ago
hi i have long data 9000 number and i want to make Frequency table and histogram..... after that i want fit eq. on histogram,,,,,can any one help me plz
POSTED BY: wassayf-
The command for a Histogram in Mathematica is Histogram:

I'm not familiar with what a Frenquency Table is. From what I see online, it's a list of how often each number occurs in a list. You might be interested in these functions:

Normally, you don't fit equations on histograms. That's not the best way to estimate the parameters of a distribution. Mathematica provides a function for this called EstimatedDistribution. If you really do want to find a least squares fit to an empirical PDF, then you may want to use NonlinearModelFit.
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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