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How vegetated is Sacramento? Computing vegetation indices from Landsat 8-9

POSTED BY: Julián Laverde
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Google Earth Engine is a great tool for this type of analysis. It is free for non-commercial use.

POSTED BY: Rohit Namjoshi

It might be helpful if you added some geolocation info to the maps. Even if you just labeled lake Oroville and lake Folsom, that would help set a western boundary for Tahoe National Forest.

The other ongoing aspect of this story is last year's DROUGHT and this year's HEATWAVE. Sacramento isn't doing too bad today. Strangely, it's a relative scorcher in C-U IL : : Temperature almost at 100F today and may get there tomorrow.

An ultimate integral goal is to correlate macro and micro data sets about vegetation and climate change. If an ecosystem goes through years of drought, does that also correlate to smaller, weaker insects found living in situ?

POSTED BY: Brad Klee

Thank you for your comment Brad! You are very right. Currently, I'm working on computing a time series of Land Surface Temperature and adding geolocation information like administrative divisions, city labels, and others to the background. I will be sharing the results in a future post and hopefully will continue working on those nice and helpful ultimate goals!

POSTED BY: Julián Laverde

Hi Julian,

Congrats on this interesting post.

May I request you to explain a bit more about your new project? Thank you.

POSTED BY: M.A. Ghorbani

Of course! Landsat datasets provide data that can be used to compute the Land Surface Temperature and I'm working on computing the temperature combined with geographical information of the region of interest, like city/region names. The resulting information will be used the create a time series of the temperature map, i.e. a movie of the temperature change in the available time span, and several data analysis visualizations (mean temperature, min/max values, statistical analysis, etc).

POSTED BY: Julián Laverde

That is great.

Good Luck, Julian.

POSTED BY: M.A. Ghorbani

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