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How prevent data loss in Excel when Wolfram no longer works?

Posted 1 month ago
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I have a spreadsheet with my list of bird species observations and previously used the Wolfram Knowledgebase add-on to add the data card for each species using the Animals option. It seems that now the Wolfram-Excel partnership is ended, my list of bird observations is now gone and replaced by #VALUE. Does anyone know how to revert these cells back to plain text so I get the bird species back? enter image description here

POSTED BY: Marjorie Lieuwen

The service connecting Wolfram data to Excel is still active and will be for at least another year (I'm able to resolve and refresh species entities, and extract property values, in an Excel workbook right now), so at first glance this seems like a question for Microsoft's tech support. Do you know if you made some other change to your workbook that might have overwritten values in Column C?

POSTED BY: Alan Joyce
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