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How can I ask Mathematica all the valid options for FontFamily?

Hello, I'm looking for a particular character (a slanted, looped l) and came up with the question of how to explore the FontFamily option?
In the help page for FontFamily only three families are mentioned: "Courier", "Helvetica" and "Times"; however there are more fonts (in the Format -> Fonts...).
Style["AaBbCcDd", FontFamily -> "Symbol"] produces different output than the one with "Courier", "Helvetica" or "Times" as option value, so there are more valid option values.
The specific question is how can I get a list of the valid values that I can put on the right side of the FontFamily option? I'm thinking of something in the lines of the output produced by ElementData["Properties"].

Thanks for your contributions! emoticon
POSTED BY: Jorge Villalobos
3 Replies
Remember though that if you choose a font that is not contained on the system of someone that you share your notebook with they may see something different than what you intend. But if the font is one that is a conventional system font or one that is supplied with Mathematica then all will be well. 

Also you may want to look through the offerings of additional Mathematica letters and symbols at 

to see if any satisfy your needs.  If they do then using them will be system independent. (I didn't find what you are looking for though...)
POSTED BY: David Reiss
Posted 10 years ago
From this MathGroups thread:
POSTED BY: Alexey Popkov
Thanks a lot!
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POSTED BY: Jorge Villalobos
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