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Low Loss RF Cable Model?

Posted 11 years ago
Is there a Modelica Model out there for evaluating propogation (phase) delays and attenuation through a low loss RF cable?

I am experimenting with a precision cut, cable delay line system that operates nominally at 1.2GHz.  I'd like to model the 6 different RF paths as a function of path length. My objective is to be able to digitally control the phase shift through the delay line, by up to 64 lamda, by switching in and out N lamda segments of precision cut cable.

FWIW: I appreciate there are better simulation programs out there for this application but this is a home "science project" and SystemModeler is what I own. 

Just looking for insight...

Probably answering my own quiry...but I guess I could always try one of the transmission lines models and knowledge of a specific cable material's electrical characteristics.
POSTED BY: Rick McGinley
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