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Using sigma in wolfram alpha app

Posted 10 years ago
Hello, I am new to Wolfram Alpha.  I have been trying to figure out how to use sigma in wolfeam alpha app on my tablet. Can anyone help with that please, it us very urgent. Thank you.  

For example, i would like to use sigma i  the example stating: person A's net yearly salary amounts to dkk 300000 for the period of 6 yesrs. Her net income is thus totslling dkk 1800000.Determine the Present Value assuming a dic ounting rate of 5% per annum.

Calculating it all one by one year I got the result of 1522708 dkk which is correct but I would really like to save dome time and just use sigma notation in wolfram alpha instead of foi g ut one by one. Thanks a lot.
POSTED BY: Eliska Sikulova
2 Replies
Posted 10 years ago
Not exactly the method you were asking for, but perhaps this will do

Note to the support folks. I tried to insert the URL for the top result found with a Google search for

wolframalpha net present value

The Wolframalpha link appears to have exceeded some limit when trying to past the link into this post.

Hopefully the same link will be the top result, will provide what the poster needed and someone might try to decide whether the link not pasting correctly is something that should be dealt with.

An alternative

but that doesn't use the Greek sigma that you need and it needs to be checked for payment at beginning or end of each year, etc. 
POSTED BY: Bill Simpson
Posted 10 years ago
Thank you so much, that is a big help. Thanks!
POSTED BY: Eliska Sikulova
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