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Dialog box to read a cloud file in Mathematica Online

Posted 1 year ago

Good afternoon.

I am an engineer that used Mathematica many many years ago during my Ph.D. Now I decided to try again and I ordered an annual subscription for Mathematica online.

I wrote a little script that reads a file:


This is the first line. I would like to choose the correct file (in this case 0077120070101.BIN) through a dialog window. Is it possible to choose a file from the Cloud Files directory?

Thank you in advance and best regards.


POSTED BY: Bruno Vusini
2 Replies
Posted 1 year ago

Thank you very much, Eric. I appreciate your support.

Best regards,


POSTED BY: Bruno Vusini
Posted 1 year ago

For a local file, this works to bring up a file chooser:


You'll end up with the file path to the file you chose, which could be fed into your BinaryReadList expression.

For cloud objects, I don't know if there is an analogous thing (I didn't find one after a brief search). But you can get cloud objects with the various Cloud* functions. I supposed you could create your own chooser by first getting a listing of all the files in a particular cloud directory and using that list in a ListPicker (or some other sensible control).

POSTED BY: Eric Rimbey
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