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Collaboration needed: Auxetic Inflatables

Posted 1 year ago

I am interested in implementing the method described in the attached paper as illustrated in this YouTube video Rapid Deployment of Curved Surfaces via Programmable Auxetics in Mathematica that will allow any arbitrary 3D shape with compound curvature to generate a 2D mesh of triangles of different sizes flexibly attached at their vertices that will constrain the inflation of a bladder to recapitulate the initial 3D shape without any internal structures. The auxetic would be printed, particularly at large scale, on an appropriate 2D substrate and subsequently inflated. Sadly, much of the math in the paper I've now long forgotten and I am hoping to find others to assist in developing the algorithm. The authors are not willing to share their code at this point so we will need to start from scratch.

POSTED BY: Kevin Ulmer
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