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Notebook won't save to directory

Posted 6 months ago
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re: Mathematica 13.0 (home edition) running on macOS Monterey Version 12.5


I worked on an existing notebook yesterday morning and saved the notebook at 11:05 AM without incident.

After further work, some 20 minutes later, I attempted to save the notebook again and the following popped up:

enter image description here

Between saving the document at 11:05 AM and attempting to save it again, I made no changes to permissions of directories or anything else.

I only edited some simple code (which worked and continues to work).

Of note:

I have no problems saving other kinds of files. I could (at the time) save the notebook to a different directory (file folder).


This issue has now spread to other directories and other notebooks.

I do not have this issue when saving other types of files; it seems, at least for now, a Mathematica issue.

Thoughts appreciated.

POSTED BY: Andreas Agas
Posted 1 month ago

I continue to have this issue. It appears to be a bug. Any help appreciated.

POSTED BY: Andreas Agas
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