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How to set x-axis or y-axis to pi range

Posted 1 year ago

Hi, I’m new to Wolfram Alpha Notebook edition. Is it possible to set the x or y-axis to pi range? As soon as you varies parameter a, the x-axis changes to real numbers range. I’d highly appreciate your support. I haven’t been able to find any settings to work it out. Thank you.



POSTED BY: Dan Chicos
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Posted 1 year ago

Thank you, I'll follow your advice. I'm currently working on it, trying to understand how Manipulate and ManipulatePlot work. Future questions will follow the forum's rules and guidelines. Thanks again.

POSTED BY: Dan Chicos

Welcome to Wolfram Community! Please make sure you know the rules:

The rules explain how to format your code properly. Posting code Images doesn't help other members to copy your code. Please EDIT your post and make sure code blocks start on a new paragraph and look framed and colored like this.

int = Integrate[1/(x^3 - 1), x];
Map[Framed, int, Infinity]

You can also embed notebook or attach notebook.

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