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Wolfram R&D LIVE:Tree Representation for XML, JSON and Symbolic Expressions

Posted 1 year ago

MODERATOR NOTE: This is the notebook used in the livestream "Tree Representation for XML, JSON and Symbolic Expressions" on Wednesday, October 12 -- a part of Wolfram R&D livestream series announced and scheduled here: For questions about this livestream, please leave a comment below.

enter image description here

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Posted 9 months ago

Thank you Ian for this overview of Trees in the WL.

Most of the code I can find in the notebook, except for the tree traversal illustrations. How were these pictures created?

enter image description here

POSTED BY: Dave Middleton

Hello Dave, I'm glad you found the notebook helpful.

The TreeTraversalOrder illustrations were created specially by Tim Shedelbower for the documentation, not using Wolfram Language code.

Best, Ian

Posted 9 months ago

Thank you Ian. I suspected an illustration, but since there are some many functions and options in the WL, I still learn about ones I never used before. I thought it was worth asking.

POSTED BY: Dave Middleton

Absolutely worth asking! I may submit a function to the Wolfram Function Repository to make these kinds of traversal order visualizations.


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