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How does one access a folder in the cloud?

Here is something I am trying to understand. Say you have a function F[inputFfile_String] which takes a file (say a CSV file) and processes it by generating an output file (say, another CSV file). Now the input file is located in the notebook directory. How does one maintain this relationship when deploying the function F in the cloud? Do I have to place the inputFile wherever the deployed function is located? In fact, is there a folder system in the cloud? Can one deploy on a server of any company (not necessarily Wolfram's servers)? Could someone kindly send me a simple example of taking F[file_String]:= "Read the file and return a String of the file";

I basically want to see the mechanics of Deploying an expression and knowing where to place the inputFile, particularly when, while developing this on a laptop, it was easy to read a CSV file and do something with and output some other CSV file. Now, I wish to do son in the Cloud.

I would I do this?

POSTED BY: Henrick Jeanty
Posted 1 year ago

Look into CloudObject, CloudPut, etc.

POSTED BY: Eric Rimbey
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