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[WSG22] Daily Study Group: EdTech for the Computational Classroom

A new daily study group on "EdTech for the Computational Classroom" begins on December 5, 2022! Join instructors @Abrita Chakravarty, Laura Crawford, Mariah Laugesen and myself as well as a cohort of fellow learners to learn about how simple and painless it can be to integrate computational learning into any classroom.

This study group starts with a broad overview of the possibilities that Wolfram technology can bring to the classroom. We will then go over some of the basics of working with Wolfram Language, meaning that no prior Wolfram Language experience is necessary.

After this introduction to the language, we will look at subject-specific examples of what students and teachers can do with computational lab notebooks. The study group will conclude with a discussion of Wolfram's newly-expanded question and assessment framework, which allows instructors to create advanced, auto-graded quizzes and exams.

The study group will run December 5–9, 11am–12pm US CT (5–6pm GMT). We hope to see you there!


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POSTED BY: Arben Kalziqi

Hello Everyone! Excited to learn this week :)

POSTED BY: Lybrya Kebreab
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