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[R&DL] Wolfram R&D LIVE: Latest in Machine Learning

MODERATOR NOTE: This is the notebook used in the livestream "Latest in Machine Learning" on Wednesday, November 16 -- a part of Wolfram R&D livestream series announced and scheduled here: For questions about this livestream, please leave a comment below.

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Posted 1 year ago

Thanks for the talk!

Generative AI is having a big moment now, is stable diffusion or other recent controllable image generation techniques coming into the NetTrain framework in 13.X? Can you comment on this very important algorithm being added to WL?

Export to onnx is nice, but I'd love to some distillation, quantization, sparsification and other compression tools!

POSTED BY: Ethan Black

Hi Ethan, to answer your questions

  1. We are working on a stable diffusion model for the net repository.
  2. Compression tools for models are nice but right now the core priority is to provide support for multiple framework in order to get more funcionality. First as a runtime only option and the as fully fledge framework backends and export targets. Once the foundational work is done we can focus on new features. I will try to keep the community updated!


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