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Why is my Logit model not fitting

Posted 10 years ago

Can't understand why I'm having this error:

LogitModelFit::fitm: Unable to solve for the fit parameters; the design matrix is nonrectangular, non-numerical, or could not be inverted. >>


The error message offers some suggestions about what might have gone wrong

  1. The design Matrix is nonrectangular. We can confirm that the matrix is rectangular with the Dimensions function.

     izejasDati // Dimensions
  2. The design matrix isn't completely numeric. This requires some more programing. The code below tests whether the matrix contains only numbers.

    And @@ Flatten@Map[NumericQ, izejasDati, {2}]

    It returns False. This means that the design matrix isn't numeric. It contains the following non numeric entries:

    Flatten@Pick[izejasDati, Map[NumericQ, izejasDati, {2}], False]
    {"#REF!", "#DIV/0!", "#REF!"}
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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