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Digital holography using Raspberry Pi, HQ camera, and Mathematica

Posted 1 year ago

I went looking on the web for a Mathematica package that supported holography on the Raspberry Pi using its HQ camera. When this came up empty I turned to OpenAI to ask where I might have seen this earlier. I got this interesting answer from the AI:

Holograms taken with a raspberry pi hq camera can be read with Mathematica using the ImageHologram package. This package allows you to manipulate and analyze digital holograms, as well as generate 3D images from them. It also includes an interface to the Raspberry Pi camera and provides functions for capturing and processing holograms. Additionally, the ImageHologram package also provides tools for visualization and analysis of the resulting data.

Question: Where can I find the Mathematica ImageHologram package? AI Answer: Unfortunately, the Mathematica ImageHologram package does not appear to be available for download. It appears to be an internal package that is used by Mathematica for certain functions.

This is just what I am looking for. Any hints on where I may find the ImageHologram package? I can write it, but don't want to reinvent the wheel. Thank you.

POSTED BY: William Meyer
2 Replies
Posted 1 year ago

Hi Duncan, I used to ask the question regarding the name of a Mathematica holography package that works with a Raspberry Pi. Thank you for letting me know that you (from Wolfram Research) believe that there is no "ImageHologram" package, but that this name is simply a plausible-sounding AI-generated name. Looks like I may now have a name for such a package (and a nice list of things this package should be capable of doing) should I choose to write it in Mathematica. I'm pretty impressed by the details in the answer given by the AI and would like to know more about where they came from. Lots to learn. Thanks again. With bests regards, Bill

POSTED BY: William Meyer

Hello William, when you say you "turned to OpenAI to ask", am I correct in assuming you mean you went to ?

This is a chat bot with no specific knowledge of the Wolfram Language and no affiliation with Wolfram Research. There is no "ImageHologram" package, that appears to be a plausible-sounding AI-generated name. Please let me know if I've misunderstood something.

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