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An Inquiry into Positions and Businesses that Use Wolfram Technologies

Posted 1 year ago

I'm interested in finding a place of work or position that uses the Wolfram Language or Wolfram|One with minimal prior experience, but I have not yet developed a proper job search process that yields the results I'm looking for. The aim of this discussion is to identify a few tactics or ideas that might help me or anyone else who decides to search exclusively for workplaces that use the Wolfram Language or other Wolfram products with minimal starting experience/education.

My previous work experiences are unrelated to computer science and programming, yet I have loved using the Wolfram Language and Wolfram|One and would like to make them a greater part of my life. I have been unable to identify the proper channels for navigating the questions posted below, and I feel that the answers to these questions could help others who have also not yet developed the proper skillsets which would allow them to use the technologies they love while they generate an income.

That being said, I'm currently exploring possibilities for an intermediate work position while I gradually learn more about Machine Learning, Deep Neural Networks (Deep Learning), and the Wolfram Language as a whole.

I run my own business and am also employed part-time, and am looking to exchange one of these for a full-time or part-time position that uses either the Wolfram Language or at least Wolfram|One (or a similar Wolfram product) while I study and practice.

It's important for me to learn the Wolfram Language (and Deep Neural Networks) because this will allow me to make progress in various independent research projects that I've been working on for almost 10 years.

Because of this, I have one main criterion for the next company that I work for: The use of Wolfram Alpha / The Wolfram Language.

I could, of course, continue to use Wolfram|One and the Wolfram Language on my own, but it would be wonderful if I could have these built into my daily work life as well.

What entry-level positions or companies might put me closer to the Wolfram Language and Deep Neural Networks, without previous experience? (For example, positions that would work closely with those who use the Wolfram Language and Deep Neural Networks, or positions that require limited knowledge of these).

Where might I find resources that can direct me (or anyone else with similar questions) to positions or companies that use Wolfram Research technologies? (I've been having trouble identifying a search process for this...)

Any help, direction, or even forcing me to clarify my thinking (while I spend time working on making this transition happen) would be greatly appreciated, as this would help me accelerate my Wolfram Language learning curve (and the progress many personally important research projects that require the use of these skills).

Additional information which may help connect my past experience with positions that are above entry-level: - Education: Bachelor's Degree in Business Management + Minor in Psychology - Work Experience: To fund my independent research over the years I've held various positions in marketing, personal training, and most recently health & habit coaching (with the aim of this funding coming from knowledge of Deep Neural Networks in the future)

Thank you for any help you can provide: It would mean a lot to me if I could figure out a solution to this problem.

POSTED BY: Austin Moore
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