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How to solve overdetermined system of nonlinear ODEs?

Hello everyone,
I tried to solve the below system numerically, I am using the syntax correctly but I get message that the system is overdetermained and I do not know how to solve it.
How can we solve overdetermained systems of ODEs? Can anyone help me with this?

POSTED BY: Burhanuddin Safi
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With Fix :

POSTED BY: Mariusz Iwaniuk

You exactly did, what I wanted, so thank you so much sir.

POSTED BY: Burhanuddin Safi

I think a couple of changes can fix it. One is to first avoid using C as a variable, due to the fact that C is a System symbol (and in general avoid capitalized variables). The other, to give numerical values to h and l, which appear in the system of equations, so NDSolve will need them.

POSTED BY: Sergio Vargas

Could it be that you meant to write

C[0] == 1745

instead of

C[t] == 1745

so that it would become an actual initial condition?

POSTED BY: Sergio Vargas

I corrected it, but still message says, it is overdetermained system.

POSTED BY: Burhanuddin Safi
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