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How to get started on using the API via Javascript

Posted 10 years ago


I've been trying to use the Wolfram API in my JS code to retrieve the XML files, parse them, and get some desired info, However, I've come across the cross origin issue which have prevented me from much progress. Afterwards I researched and concluded that JSONP is the right approach for this problem, However, this doesn't work either; when I enter the address padded with the question mark and call back function, the API confused the ID with the ? and the callback function. Does that mean the Wolfram API doesn't support JSONP either? I'm not sure what to do as this point. I know it it's feasible via server sided scripting, but is there away to set it up any other way?

Many thanks in advance.

POSTED BY: Tamim Jabban
3 Replies

I am having this same issue. I am trying to access the API through Azure API Management Portal. It keeps erroring out and blocking access unless I visit the url manually in a browser.

POSTED BY: David Johnston

I would suggest setting up a proxy resource that you use to communicate with the API server side to prevent APPIDS on client side applications and you can set that proxy resource to have appropriate access headers for your domain.

POSTED BY: Nick Spinner

After further research, this guys issue was with Wolfram API which is different than Wolfram Language Instant API. The WL does not require app id's or anything.

My issue was something wrong with Azure. Jesse figured it out here.

POSTED BY: David Johnston
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