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Lack of the correct format in a retrieved .nb file

I have saved Mathematica notebooks on my computer Desktop. Some notebooks appear correctly in a Mathematica window when I click on the Desktop icon. However, others yield the coded form of the notebook in ASCII format, and are unusable. How can I restore the correct format when retrieving the latter files? I do not know if the non functioning files were saved directly with NotebookSave.
Stan Peale

POSTED BY: Stanton Peale
2 Replies

The (OS) operating system is in charge of deciding which program opens a file when you double click it.

What is the file extension/type of the files you are opening? Please make sure it is ".nb". Usually the OS has a program specified to open each file extension. There's also usually a dialog where you can change which programs open which file extension.

What OS are you using?

POSTED BY: Sean Clarke

This is a second attempt to reply to your comment, Sean. I got a message saying I did not have the sufficient authorization to do so--perhaps because I did not click the "Reply" button on your message. So I logged in again to see what happens this time.

I think you identified the problem. The file was file.nb~, and the tilde was apparently sufficient to frustrate the correct loading of the file. I should have suspected this. Removing the tilde by copying the file to another with the .nb extension allow the correct loading. My operating system is MacOS 10.9.3 (Maverick),. Thanks for your comment. Stan

POSTED BY: Stanton Peale
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