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Algorithm Input, and waveform manipulation.

Posted 10 years ago

Hi, I am attempting to create a finite difference model using a whole bunch of algorithms, but I am unsure of how to go about inputting the algorithms into Mathematica so that I can manipulate and visualise the connection between the variables. These algorithms are related to how seismic waves propagate through the subsurface and create an electric field as they pass through a saturated media. Also wondering if it is possible to stack a bunch of waveforms into one file and gain an average so that it can be processed, and then that signal compared to the simulated signal from the finite difference model.


This is probably a lot to go through over a forum. Can you show us the code you have so far?

When it comes to numerically solving PDEs, most often you use NDSolve. NDSolve uses the method of lines for PDEs which works well for some kinds of equations and not well for others. What numerical method were you planning on writing?

Please see the documentation on how equations are written out and how NDSolve is used with PDEs.

If you are new to programming in Mathematica, it's probably best to get a good understanding of the language in general before tackling a problem like this. The Mathematica virtual book provides an introduction into the basics of programming with the Wolfram Language in Mathematica:

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