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Join Us! Wolfram Technology Conference 2014 *Oct 22-24, 2014*

Posted 10 years ago

Is your mind spinning at all the the possibilities opening up from the new features and technologies we're releasing? Ours too! :) We'd love to see your smiling faces in Champaign, IL this fall to explore the latest and greatest.

Hands-on workshops, chats over coffee with the developers that created your favorite functions, in-depth technical talks, common-interest meet-ups, and networking events are just some of the reasons you don't want to miss this conference!

I'd love to hear from those of you that have been or are planning to come to the Tech Conference - what is your favorite part? what are you looking forward to the most this year?

Read more: Wolfram Technology Conference 2014: Register Now!

To register: visit conference site

See you in October!

POSTED BY: Danielle Rommel
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