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FinBERT and FinRoBERTa models for financial sentiment analysis

Posted 1 year ago

POSTED BY: Jürgen Kanz
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I just recognized that it is no longer possible to download my transformer nets from the Wolfram Cloud. No problem, you can download the files in the following ways:

Download FinBERT via the following link!Aty-DGt3XGT0hY8-DB2e1R5A6xzJVQ?e=zoONT8

Download FinRoBERTa via the following link!Aty-DGt3XGT0hY8_sXcFuRKgse7QZQ?e=CO2klO

POSTED BY: Jürgen Kanz

Michael, thank you for your kind words.

Regards, Juergen

POSTED BY: Jürgen Kanz

Thanks Juergen for this wonderful example of the application of ML to financial sentiment. In my own experience with trading, our team always had different financial news channels on TVs and computers blaring throughout the day in case anything of interest had suddenly changed the market behavior. Most of the time it was just noise, but in this case you have provided a tool to filter through the noise to discover some real information.

Regards Michael

POSTED BY: Michael Kelly

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