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Notebooks with Subscripts uploaded to the Cloud

Posted 10 years ago

I've uploaded several of my Mathematica 9 notebook files into the Mathematica Programming Cloud and found that variables with subscripts show up in traditional form, Subscript[X, 0]. Is there a way to have it display in standard form, X (with a subscripted 0)? This is critical for sharing with others not familiar with Mathematica syntax as they will be confused.


POSTED BY: Shonn McNeill

"variables with subscripts" is a good description. If subscripted variables are just entered,
they are not variables, they are function calls saying to display the variable with a subscript
next to it. Sometimes you can get away with that in Mathematica.

There may be other limitations on typeset objects in the Programming Cloud (I did not find
one in the internal notes I checked), but a good next step would be to make the subscripted
objects more robust in the Mathematica notebook with the Notations package.
See the attached notebook with examples.

POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
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