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How can I create a data import button for Player Pro?

Posted 10 years ago

Hi everyone,

Can't seem to create a button for importing data from external files that could be used by those opening a notebook with Player Pro. I tried the example at the bottom of

by doing this

 data = Import[dataFilePath, "CSV"],
 Button["Load data...", dataFilePath = SystemDialogInput["FileOpen"]]

but I get Failed or Canceled. Seems as though the file path is not saved to dataFilePath. What am I doing wrong?


POSTED BY: Gregory Lypny
5 Replies
Posted 3 years ago

Many thanks Gustavo It works ! The best new of the day for me today. So that I can go to sleep earlier today !

POSTED BY: Yvan Abbe
Posted 3 years ago

.... seems not to work anymore ...

I would just open a file (picture) with a button, but I don't understand why my code doesn't work ...

Button["Click Here",
 Method -> "Queued"

Thanks for an help ...


POSTED BY: Yvan Abbe

Hello Yvan,

I think the issue is that you need to store the result of the import into a variable that is shown somewhere else and wrapped inside a Dynamic[]. For example:

DynamicModule[{result = "please load file"},
  Button["Click Here", result = Import[SystemDialogInput["FileOpen"]],
    Method -> "Queued"]}]
POSTED BY: Gustavo Delfino

Here is a button that you can use that will import a file into a global parameter called myData:

Button["Import Data",
 myData = Catch@Module[{filePath},
    filePath = SystemDialogInput["FileOpen"];
    If[filePath === $Canceled, Throw[$Failed]];
 Method -> "Queued"

The Method -> "Queued" option keeps the process from timing out since dynamic behaviors have a time limit on them when they are preemptive (as buttons are). The Catch and Throw just help to keep things nice if you cancel the system dialog.

POSTED BY: David Reiss
Posted 10 years ago

Hi David,

Works like a charm. Thank you for the crystal-clear explanation. I'll do my homework on Catch and Throw as I haven't had occasion to use them before.

Thanks again,


POSTED BY: Gregory Lypny
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