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Having Trouble Logging Into or Accessing the Wolfram Programming Cloud?

Posted 10 years ago

While the launch of the Programming Cloud is quite exciting, there will nevertheless be some kinks that need to get worked out. We believe that this sign-in issue is caused when certain information has not been correctly associated with a Wolfram ID. We are working to remedy this issue, but encourage users to contact Customer Service to see if we can correct this information. Please be sure to include your Wolfram ID in your correspondence with us.

If you are still running into difficulties while trying to access the Cloud, please feel free to post in this discussion. In order to help us track down specific issues more quickly, it will also be very helpful if you can provide some additional information, such as:

  1. Error message / behavior you notice
  2. Operating system (Windows 7 or 8, OS X 10.7, Ubuntu 12.04, etc.)
  3. Browser and version number

We hope to have this thread be a useful location for the latest status of known issues and troubleshooting tips. Let's try to keep this focused on logging-in/access type issues. If you come across problems after successfully logging into the Programming Cloud please feel free to start a new post or perhaps to an existing one that is related.

POSTED BY: Jesus Hernandez
8 Replies
Posted 10 years ago

thanks Bruce. I will try to stick to the topic in the future. I plan to get very active with the Cloud Notebooks - starting this week. I have followed thru and found the introductory educational materials put up by the developers for Cloud. WOW - that's a pretty fast intro ... but it will get me started. Pete

POSTED BY: pete p

Several tutorials were pointed out to me:

The following can be accessed from the Homescreen:
1. Getting started with Wolfram Programming Cloud:
2. A Fast Introduction for Programmers:
3. "Thing to try" notebook:
4. Click orange "View all>>" next to "Introduction and How Tos". It will open the following page in the Documentation Center:

The How To pages in the Related Links are very helpful.

Is there something more you were looking for? (Try to be specific.)

POSTED BY: Bruce Miller

Ampo and Pete,

Thank you for taking the time to post these. I sent your reports to developers.

I point out again that this thread is for problems accessing Wolfram Programming Cloud, not problems using it.

Bruce Miller

POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
Posted 10 years ago

Just a general comment, and not a specific problem. Like a bunch of other folks ... I am just getting started with the Cloud. It would be really helpful. not to mention a huge timesaver for the folks at WRI, if we put together a short "working tutorial" for people ... very basic steps to get started and get rolling. Keep things very simple, but lay out a pathway that works. Maybe there is a very basic educational tool already on the WRI web site somewhere?? thanks, Pete

POSTED BY: pete p

1-st bug disappeared, thanx, Next:

after sometime in the WCloud i see the note "Page crushed", and work is finished without mercy.

I use Opera 20.0.1387.91, Windows XP 32-bit

When i try to authorize in the cloud (my usial Wolfram ID & password), i receive an answer:

Unknown request token "f98ddf2e3561c719f5093651ca090791053ae8bd0"

2-nd attempt:

Unknown request token "ba0c47f2ec89d9faa2885e1070039448053aeac38"

and that's all.

When you take away this problem - please inform me by e-mail - i'll try again and write here the new result.

When I type, the text appears correctly, until I type an operator (+,-,/, or space), the text disappears. It seems to go to the same color as the background, because if I delete two characters using the back-arrow key, it re-appears without the two characters I deleted.

For example,

  • "3.14159" appears correctly
  • "3.14159*" disappears
  • Two back-arrow keystrokes and "3.1415" appears.

This is the Windows 7 and IE 11.09600.17126.

POSTED BY: Mark Holmes

Mr. Holmes,

Thank you for taking the time to post this. I sent your report to developers.

I should point out that this thread is for problems accessing Wolfram Programming Cloud, not problems using it.

Bruce Miller

POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
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