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GeoElevationData[] first impressions

Posted 9 years ago
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The GeoZoomLevel is limited to 8, at least for free accounts. That resolution is nowhere near to what I hoped for. The example of Denver Colorado is a coarse grid of 55 by 93. Will I ever have access to NED (National Elevation Database) ?

Trying to see detail of a local hill returns only 2 points.

{loc1,loc2}={{34.155, -118.733}, {34.1648, -118.725}}
arr = QuantityMagnitude[GeoElevationData[{loc1,loc2},UnitSystem->"Metric"]];

Result is {{364.},{332.}}

I have burned up half my API calls in this get acquainted session, learning details such as a property is displayed in lowercase but the string name is capitalized.


It is a small inconvenience to be unable to Import a file. I ran my code in Mathematica then copy-pasted the box bounds.

POSTED BY: Douglas Kubler
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