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How to plot multiple 3D functions?

Posted 3 months ago
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Hi, I would like to plot the 3x-y-z=2, x+2y-3Z=-12 and 2X+y+3z=9 in the same page, what's the command I should use?

I tried the following but all failed. Please advise.

Plot 3x-y-z=2, x+2y-3Z=-12 and 2X+y+3z=9
Plot {3x-y-z=2, x+2y-3Z=-12 and 2X+y+3z=9}
Plot3D 3x-y-z=2, x+2y-3Z=-12 and 2X+y+3z=9
Plot3D {3x-y-z=2, x+2y-3Z=-12 and 2X+y+3z=9}
POSTED BY: Thomas Howard
3 Replies
Posted 3 months ago

Thank you both very much!

POSTED BY: Thomas Howard

You need to change the equations into explicit functions: z=3x-y-2, z=x/3+2y/3+4 and z=-2x/3-y/3 Then use Plot3D as following:

Another way to plot a implicit region is to use RegionPlot or RegionPlot3D. But you can't plot a real plane without thickness. So you need to change it a little and plot more points like below.

But there is a better option is ContourPlot3D.

POSTED BY: Bowen Ping

Here is one way:

ContourPlot3D[{3 x - y - z == 2, x + 2 y - 3 z == -12, 2 x + y + 3 z == 9}, {x, -5, 5}, {y, -5, 3}, {z, -5, 5}, 
 PlotLegends -> "Expressions", ImageSize -> Large, AxesLabel -> Automatic]

enter image description here

POSTED BY: Henrik Schachner
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