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Share Your Expertise at the Wolfram High School Summer Research Program

Posted 1 year ago

enter image description here Are you a strong Wolfram Language coder? Are you excited by STEM, Computational Thinking, and finding amazing new ways to use computers to solve problems? Are you interested in working with talented high-school students?

The Wolfram High School Summer Research Program (formerly the Wolfram High School Summer Camp) is a great opportunity to mentor students through exciting projects while making their summer a fun and rewarding experience.

During the 2.5-week program, students deep dive into interesting problems ranging from Computational Crochet to Exploring Quantum Cellular Automata, from using machine learning to Generate Super Mario Bros. levels to using natural language processing to do Sentiment Analysis of The Office Subreddit, from using multiway sandpile models with applications to LCFTs, to exploring quantum cellular automata. They learn to code in Wolfram Language and push the boundaries of their computational thinking skills, while we support them in a fun and sociable environment.

enter image description here

We’re looking for people with strong Wolfram Language skills and subject knowledge in any area, including math, sciences, computer science, digital humanities, and machine learning. We are happy to welcome senior undergraduate students, graduate students, industry professionals, teachers, professors, and retirees to the team. We are based at Bentley University outside of Boston and the program runs from June 28 to July 15. All food and accommodation is covered, and mentors receive a stipend to help cover travel and costs incurred.

If you’re interested in mentoring (or you know someone who might be), please reach out to or submit an application.

POSTED BY: Rory Foulger
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