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Reason for Difference in the plots

Posted 10 years ago

hi, I am working on a model. I tried to simulate the model and see how closely the data fits to the simulated graph. So tried plotting the graphs. I have attached the file for reference. It has two parts one above the blue line and other below it. Both the parts are same except at one point, in one part the value of t goes from 0 to 1440 and in other it goes from 0 to 5670. The plots in both the parts have the same range.

Can someone please explain me the difference and the reason for the same.


Thanks, Jaydeep

POSTED BY: Jaydeep Yadav
2 Replies
Posted 10 years ago

Ok. Thanks

POSTED BY: Jaydeep Yadav
Posted 10 years ago

Imagine you find a model of Sin[t] from t=0 to t=Pi/4 and discover that f=t-t^3/6 seems adequate.

Then imagine you plot that function from t=0 to t=8*Pi and wonder why it goes off to infinity.

I suspect there must be a theorem that says extrapolating far beyond the range of almost any numerical model must result in the function going off to infinity.

I believe this is what is happening with your two versions.

In your first you find a model from t=0 to t=5760 and plot over the same.

In your second you find a model from t=0 to t=1440 and plot over t=0 to t=5760

POSTED BY: Bill Simpson
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