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[WSG23] Daily Study Group: The Wolfram Plugin for ChatGPT

April 17, 2023: Start of Wolfram U Daily Study Group The Wolfram Plugin for ChatGPT

Daily 1:00-1:30 PM CT, for 1 week (Mon Apr 17 - Fri Apr 21)


Join the Wolfram U team and our presenters @Alan Joyce, @Michael Trott, @Jeremy Stratton-Smith, @Brad Janes, Jason Sonnenberg, and @Christopher Wolfram during these daily 30-minute sessions to learn about the Wolfram plugin which allows ChatGPT to "talk to" Wolfram|Alpha and call on the capabilities of Wolfram Language. Over the course of a week, the study group sessions will showcase examples that leverage the new "computational superpowers" of ChatGPT to get results containing non-trivial computations, curated knowledge as well as real-time data, augmented as needed with visualizations and even Wolfram Language code.

Please feel free to use this thread to collaborate and share ideas, additional resources and questions with the presenters as well as with other members of the study group.

Find great examples that will be demonstrated along with additional information from our presenter @Michael Trott at .

enter image description here

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Posted 8 months ago

Hi, I am new here and would like to know if this is public or private, I would also like to participate in this. Because it should help me fight racism very well, moreover, in the past I used this source to do my writing, now I hope to be able to do it as well with the help of GPT.

POSTED BY: Susi Goodness

Thank you for your interest! Even though the live sessions have now concluded, we have added the recordings and the shared notebook to our Wolfram U catalog, as an archived event. The content is freely available here: The Wolfram Plugin for ChatGPT (Study Group Sessions)

POSTED BY: Jamie Peterson

Hi Team, When can we get the certificate for attending the study sessions this week? Please let me know!

It was great to attend the Wolfram ChatGPT Plugin training session this week and I hope to be able to try this out as soon as my request is approved by OpenAI.

thanks, Anand.

We'll be sending out the certificates of attendance shortly. Thank you for your patience.

Responses from the in-session poll today, as promised: enter image description here

Posted 8 months ago

The combination of ChatGPT and the Wolfram Technology Stack has amazing prospects for global change.

It completely changes the prospects for the Wolfram Technology Stack in my opinion as it offers the hope of much more of the World's population being able to take advantage of Wolfram Technologies unique capabilities without the (very) high programming learning curve currently required. Now if you could solve the deployment and relatively small user base issues you would have a fantastic chance of making all the World's Computational Knowledge accessible to every human one day as Stephen Wolfram has suggested for some time now ...

Why not get the folks at Wolfram Institute to create a MathChatGPT with all computer accessible published Mathematics sources scraped and show the other Computational X disciplines what is possible for their fields of research ...Cheers Syd Geraghty

POSTED BY: Syd Geraghty

Based on question from study group attendee: "...On this level of input there is no or very little difference to the performance of Wolfram Alpha itself. What about some synthesis?..."

Wolfram Alpha: enter image description here


Hi. Where can I find the link to Q&A for all classes.

Thank you, Abrita

Comment for @ChristopherWolfram: There are various flavors of the ChatGPT PlugIn store. I don't currently have the option to add plugins in mine. Only to use the boilerplate ones. I presume I can solve this by asking OpenAI to change it?

POSTED BY: Kathryn Cramer

Again based on question from study group attendee:

Prompt: use wolfram to make a chart of Historical carbon dioxide emissions from global fossil fuel combustion and industrial processes from 1750 to 2020 enter image description here enter image description here

I spent a lot of time yesterday playing with the Internet access aspect of the Wolfram plugin. Sometimes it worked great. Sometimes ChatGPT swore there was no such integration, and a few times it hallucinated results of the internet lookup.

Here are a few example prompts:

For the paper at the following link, use the Wolfram Plugin to import the webpage as HTML. Then create a bibliographic item in APA style, a one-sentence tagline for the abstract, and create a set of keywords.
Use the Wolfram PlugIn as needed. Also, provide information about Wolfram Language functions that are most closely related to the web page topic and the procedures it describes. WolframAlpha links for related topics. Do not include any additional commentary. Here is the URL:


For following webpages at the following links, use the Wolfram Plugin to import each webpage as HTML. Then for each create a bibliographic item in APA style, a one-sentence tagline for the abstract, and create a set of keywords. Use the Wolfram PlugIn as needed. Also, provide information about Wolfram Language functions that are most closely related to each web page topic and the procedures it describes. WolframAlpha links for related topics. Tabulate the results. Do not include any additional commentary. Here are the webpage URLs:,,

POSTED BY: Kathryn Cramer
Posted 8 months ago

The section presented by Michael Trott was the best part for the last three days. I see somebody complaining about it, but my perception of the presentation is very different as I was not threatened by the language issues mentioned. Perhaps the reason is I am not a native speaker, and do not I speak German. So, when I look for a value, I always look for the essence, and what is learned. Hence, the section was great..

POSTED BY: Zafer Gurdal
Posted 8 months ago

I am currently watching the live webinar. Up until now the presentations were excellent. Unfortunately the presentation of Michael Trott leaves some things to be desired.

I am fluent in English and in German, but I have great difficulties following Michael. Besides the very strong accent, he also does his pronunciation very sloppy. Moreover, the constant scrolling and jumping in the Nb, makes it impossible, at least for me, to follow his presentation.

I think think the aim of the webinars is to communicate something to the attendees. This is in this case unfortunately failing.

Posted 8 months ago

If I could speak German or any other second or third language as well as Michael Trott's English or his Russian, I would be pret-ty proud of myself.

POSTED BY: Amy Young

Today's session will explore solving computational problems and writing code using the Wolfram plugin for ChatGPT. We begin the Study Group at 1pm CT, as scheduled, but our session today will run a full hour instead of 30 minutes. Looking forward to seeing the examples by @Michael Trott and Jason Sonnenberg from our Wolfram|Alpha Scientific Content team! If you have not yet registered, you can sign up now.

POSTED BY: Jamie Peterson

See you at today's study group session starting at 1:00 PM CT.

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